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Healthy Coffee (Immune)

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Healthy Coffee (Immune)

Discover the exceptional taste of Magical Nutrient Mushroom Coffee: 12 Sachets.

A one-of-a-kind blend that combines finely ground mushrooms and Arabica coffee powder to craft a rich, nutty-flavored brew with a velvety dark roast. Through a meticulous drying and extraction process, the functional mushrooms yield their advantageous compounds, which are seamlessly infused into the traditional coffee powder. Delight in the harmonious fusion of monkey head mushroom, birch mushroom, reishi, cordyceps, and rue mushroom, each lending their unique attributes to bestow substantial health advantages. Elevate your coffee experience with a cup of Mushroom Coffee and relish its extraordinary flavor and wellness benefits.

Mushroom Coffee is a unique coffee made from a blend of suitably ground mushrooms and coffee powder to create a brew with a smooth, dark roast and nutty flavor. The functional mushrooms undergo a drying and extraction process to extract the beneficial compounds which are then added to the regular coffee powder. Our most commonly used mushrooms in mushroom coffee are the monkey head mushroom, birch mushroom, reishi, cordyceps, and rue mushroom.

Indulge in Mushroom Coffee and unlock a realm of health benefits sourced from nature's finest:

  1. Monkey Head Mushroom: Enhance cognitive function and mental clarity while promoting overall brain health.

  2. Birch Mushroom: Boost your immune system with its rich source of antioxidants, helping your body fend off illnesses.

  3. Reishi Mushroom: Embrace relaxation and stress relief, as the reishi mushroom supports a calm mind and balanced well-being.

  4. Cordyceps Mushroom: Elevate your energy levels and endurance, aiding in physical performance and vitality.

  5. Rue Mushroom: Experience improved digestion and gut health, fostering a foundation for overall wellness.

Each mushroom variety in Mushroom Coffee contributes uniquely to your health, creating a delightful and holistic coffee experience that goes beyond the cup.



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