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Shungite & Soapstone Harmonizers

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Shungite & Soapstone Harmonizers

Experience the Power of Shungite & Soapstone Harmonizers: Balance and Energize Your Space.

Introducing our Shungite & Soapstone Harmonizers, a powerful combination of natural stones that promote harmony and positive energy in your environment. This exceptional set features handcrafted harmonizers designed to enhance your well-being and create a balanced atmosphere.

Crafted with care and using the energy properties of Shungite and Soapstone, our Harmonizers emit subtle vibrations that help cleanse and purify your space. These stones are known for their grounding and protective qualities, bringing a sense of calmness and stability to your surroundings.

Unlock the magic of energetic balance with our Shungite & Soapstone Harmonizers. Experience the transformative effects as they harmonize and energize your space, promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.

Discover the beauty and power of our Shungite & Soapstone Harmonizers. Embrace the opportunity to create a harmonious environment, enhance your well-being, and bring positive energy into your life.

Experience the future of energetic balance with our Harmonizers. Order yours today and embark on a journey towards a more balanced and harmonious living space.

Shungite harmonizers are a must-have accessory for effective Chakra Balancing. Crystal harmonizers are widely used for meditation and Chakra Healing, and shungite harmonizers are one of the most popular due to shungite’s unique properties and the mineral’s proved effectiveness.

Harmonizer set consists of two pieces, one made of shungite, and the other made of steatite (soapstone). These two harmonizers represent opposite types of energies: yin and yang, male and female, negative and positive. The opposites create a strong flow of energies, which enhances the beneficial effect of shungite.

Harmonizers are an effective device for the correction of energy functionality in recharging and restoring the vitality in the human body. They help to act upon biologically active spots, to withdraw nervous strain and headache, keep vitality, vivacity, and a fresh view on life.

Harmonizers work on the principle of a ‚Äúdifference in potential‚ÄĚ between the two harmonizers: subtle energy runs through the body of the person. Harmonizers are essential for chakra healing because they influence 6th (Third Eye Chakra) and 7th (Crown Chakra) chakras as harmonizers are held in hands. This means you will feel in tune with both the physical world and the material world, harmonizers will bring you happiness, good health, and wisdom. Shungite¬†shields you from all kinds of negative energy, which creates environment for Muladhara activation and further spiritual development. Chakra Meditation with a harmonizer develops positive energy, helps to release emotional blocks, helps you create a healthy energy in your system and helps to cleanse and balance all the seven Chakras, since Root Chakra influences the remaining six Chakras: Sacral, Navel,¬†Heart, Throat,¬†Third-Eye¬†and Crown Chakra.

Please note that every harmonizer is custom made as per your order and tracked from our Russian heritage site, offering a unique individual experience. Remember to charge your harmonizer before use, by washing and then leaving to dry in direct sunlight.


Style: Polished

Made of Shungite and Soapstone

Diameters: 28 - 32 mm (1.10 - 1.25 inches)

 Length of each: 100 -110 mm (3.93 - 4.33 inches)
Weight: 480 grams  (1 lb)



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