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Quantum Multi-functional Semiconductor Laser

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Quantum Multi-functional Semiconductor Laser
Quantum Multi-functional Semiconductor laser treatment instrument

Experience the Power of Quantum Multi-functional Semiconductor Laser: Elevate Your Well-being.

Introducing our Quantum Multi-functional Semiconductor Laser, a versatile device designed to promote holistic well-being and support various health concerns. This exceptional laser harnesses the power of quantum technology to deliver targeted energy stimulation and enhance your body's natural healing abilities.

Crafted with precision and care, our Quantum Multi-functional Semiconductor Laser emits low-level laser energy that penetrates deep into tissues, promoting cellular regeneration, pain relief, and improved circulation. It can be used for a range of purposes, including acupuncture, acupressure, and meridian therapy.

Unlock the magic of targeted energy therapy with our Quantum Multi-functional Semiconductor Laser. Experience the soothing and rejuvenating effects as it stimulates your body's natural healing response, helping you find relief from pain and supporting your overall well-being.

Discover the transformative effects of our Quantum Multi-functional Semiconductor Laser. Embrace a non-invasive approach to healing, amplify your body's natural abilities, and elevate your well-being.

Experience the future of holistic wellness with the Quantum Multi-functional Semiconductor Laser. Order yours today and empower yourself with a versatile tool for natural healing and enhanced vitality.

HY30-D multifunctional model is our newly developed product which is combined with the direct irradiation on your knee, joint, neck or spine, thus to improve the microcirculation & metabolism in the irradiated area and increase an abundant blood supply to the injured tissues. In addition, it increase tensile strength of tissue, accelerate the rehabilitation of the sports injury, and relieve the pain and anti-inflammation. LLLT infrared laser has been proven in clinical tests to promote faster healing times and reduce pain.

Features of the laser treatment:

1.The laser treatment is without trauma and damage. The divergence angle of laser is ranged from 35degree to 45degree, including the refraction and diffuse refraction occurred in the tissue. The effective diameter is 5 to 10 times bigger than the light sot when the laser beam is with vertical irradiation.

2.Compare with the ultraviolet light, infrared light and wave treatment, the laser is safe and beneficial.

3.Compared with the He-Ne laser and argon laser, the performance is stable, which can reach to 10000 hours trouble-free.

4.Adopt laser of 650nm and 808nm. Especially the 808nm laser has strong penetration, which could act on the tissue 5 to 7 cm under the skin to relieve the pain and repair the injured tissue.

5.The low dosage laser treatment could act on inflammation, congestion and edema. After the power is increased, the therapy effect is more effective on the inured tissue, sports injury and rehabilitation.

- The treatment is painless, non-invasive,no trauma, green and safe physiotherapy.

- Perfect combination of 808nm and 650nm.

- Two probes integrated into one instrument.

- Available output power from 0mw to 775mw.

- Creative systemic treatment treatment on large surface,joints and acupoints. It could irradiate over 40 acupoints.

- Compact and portable for convenient use.

- The operation interface is very friendly.

*Pain relief
*Knee arthritis
*Athletic system injuries
*Soft tissue injuries
*Diminish inflammations
*Wounds & ulcers acupuncture
*Sport injures/Sprain
*Rehabilitation therapy

And many more

Mechanism of action:

1. Accelerating the blood circulation
The laser directly irradiates the lesion part which blood flow is decreased, or irradiate the sympathetic ganglion which dominate this range. It could supply sufficient blood and nutrition, in order to accelerate the metabolism and relieve symptom.

2. Diminshing the inflammation quickly
The laser irradiates the lesion area , to enhance the activity of phagocyte and increase the immunity, and diminish the inflammation quickly.

3. Relieving the pain
The injured part could release the substance similar with morphia after the laser irradiation. The irradiation also could reduce the conduction rate, power and impulse frequency to relieve the pain quickly.

4. Accelerating the tissue repair
The laser irradiation can accelerate the new blood vessel growth and increase the growth of the granulation tissue, to accelerate the protein synthesis. Blood capillary is one of the basic elements of granulation tissue, which is the precondition of wound healing. Organizing much more oxygen supply, to help speed up the metabolism of various tissue repair cells and mature, to accelerate the production of collagen fibers, deposition and cross-linking.

Mechanism of action:

Our multi-functional level laser treatment instrument combined with Chinese traditional medicine theory of acupuncture, the original"light acupuncture "and light cycle" therapy is the answer to all your pain problems. The light cycle therapy used multi intensity laser in the role of medical science and combined with acupoint stimulation of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Main technical indexes:

Item: HY30-D laser treatment instrument.

Laser medium: GaAIAs Semiconductor.

Laser wavelength: 650nm & 808nm.

Probe A: one 808nmwavelength laser beam, 180mW.

Probe B: Eleven 650nm wavelength laser beams,four 808um wavelegth laser beams; 

 -total output it    775mW.

Terminal maximum power output: probe A is 180mW and probe B is 775mW.

Timing setting: 10-60minutes.

Working temperature:-40-55¬įC.

Relative humidity: below 80%.

Atmospheric pressure: 86kpa-106kpa.

Product dimension(cm): 34*24*16.

Package dimension(cm): 36.2*25.4*30.2.


As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America and Australia.



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