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Healthy Coffee (Energy)

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Healthy Coffee (Energy)

Energy Coffee - Magical Nutrient

Introducing Energy Coffee: Elevate Your Morning Ritual. Contains 12 sachets 

Experience a powerful boost of energy and focus with our extraordinary Energy Coffee. Carefully crafted with a blend of premium coffee beans and energizing medicinal mushrooms, this unique brew will invigorate your senses and elevate your daily routine.

Start your day with renewed vitality as the synergistic blend of Tongkat, Maca and coffee provides sustained energy without the jitters or crash. Enjoy improved mental clarity, enhanced focus, and a sense of calm alertness that will keep you at the top of your game.

Our Energy Coffee is expertly formulated to deliver exceptional taste and optimal benefits. Indulge in the perfect balance of flavor and function, and savor each sip as you fuel your body and mind.

Unlock your potential with Energy Coffee and embrace a new level of productivity and well-being. Join the coffee revolution and make every morning a moment of energizing bliss.

Approximately 90 percent of all adults in the world consume caffeine daily and each day are looking for ways to boost their caffeine experience.

Imagine having your favourite cup of coffee with an extra surge in natural energy, putting you in such a good mood without the jitters or crash. 

Help to increase your energy, balance your hormones and upgrade your mood with the power of Maca. Rich in B vitamins, iron and zinc Maca can help boost your energy levels naturally, without the crash of stimulants.

Magic Bulletproof Coffee:

simply add almond butter, homemade cream and coconut oil to the coffee to enhance healthy fat intake, ketosis and natural energy.

Combining Tongkat Ali with coffee delivers a unique synergistic experience that offers multi-pronged health benefits:

  • A smooth gradual boost of energy as caffeine increases energy metabolism throughout the brain, causing you to feel more awake. This in turn will result in better physical performance.
  • Combining coffee with Tongkat Ali makes you calmer, with improved cognitive performance, mental alertness and clarity – without having to deal with anxiety associated with caffeine.
  • Faster reaction time when doing sports activities (eg: tennis, football, MMA, martial arts, badminton, volleyball, etc) More reps at the gym, increase in muscle size, extra miles when doing your runs.
  • A positive mindset with a calmer approach when dealing with tough or challenging situations.
  • An exponential S-curve effect from the release of dopamine, rather than an inverse U-curve effect, which dampens the mood after 24 hours without caffeine (i.e caffeine withdrawal).
  • Less susceptible to flu, bacterial or virus attacks when consumed regularly, or on a  long-term basis.



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