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Elite Shungite Water Making Kit

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Elite Shungite Water Making Kit

Introducing the Elite Shungite Water Making Kit: Elevate Your Hydration to the Next Level.

Experience the remarkable properties of Elite Shungite with our exclusive Shungite Water Making Kit. Designed to enhance the quality and energy of your drinking water, this kit offers a transformative journey into optimal hydration and wellness.

Harness the unique properties of Elite Shungite as it purifies, mineralizes, and energizes your water. This rare form of shungite is known for its high carbon content, making it incredibly effective in removing impurities and contaminants while infusing water with beneficial minerals.

With our easy-to-use Shungite Water Making Kit, you can create your own energized and revitalizing water at home. Simply place the Elite Shungite stones in your water container, allow them to work their magic, and enjoy the pure and enhanced quality of your drinking water.

Embrace the power of nature's purification with our Elite Shungite Water Making Kit. Enhance your hydration experience, support your well-being, and enjoy the revitalizing benefits of energized water.

Upgrade your water quality and embrace a healthier lifestyle with the Elite Shungite Water Making Kit. Elevate your hydration to the next level and experience the transformative power of shungite. Order your kit today and embark on a journey of enhanced well-being.

Perfect for daily use, our LIVING WATER KIT with Elite Shungite makes pure, mineralized and energizing drinking water. Carry it in your sports water bottle, use for cooking, making tea, coffee or any other beverage. Give to your pet and water your plants with it!

Shungite has been used for centuries as water purifier, disinfectant and an overall healing mineral. Its complex chemical composition and carbon-based fullerene internal structure are responsible for Shungite's amazing properties, such as the ability to eliminate from water almost all harmful organic compounds & micro-organisms (including pharmaceuticals & pesticides), heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, nitrates.

Fullerenes, unique carbon-based molecules, are found in the highest concentration only in Elite Shungite. They have a proven unique ability to act as long-lasting antioxidants that prevent cell damage by neutralizing free radicals.

We have preconditioned the Shungite in our kits so you can use it straight out of the package.  


How To Make Shungite Water:


    • place elite Shungite stones in the included pouch
    • drop the pouch in a glass, ceramic or enamel container
    • fill container with cold water: one 50gr pouch of Shungite per 1 liter
    • let Shungite soak overnight or for at least 8 hours; soak for 24-72 hrs for optimum results
    • add more water to your vessel as you use it



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