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Feet Ion Quantum Detoxifier

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Feet Ion Quantum Detoxifier

Revitalize Your Body with the Quantum Ion Feet Detoxifier: Cleanse and Rebalance Your Energy.

Introducing our Quantum Ion Feet Detoxifier, a revolutionary device that combines the power of ionization and quantum technology to promote detoxification and restore your body's natural balance. This exceptional detoxifier helps cleanse and rebalance your energy, supporting overall well-being.

Crafted with care and using advanced principles, our Quantum Ion Feet Detoxifier generates negatively charged ions that are absorbed through your feet. These ions work to neutralize toxins and free radicals, helping to remove impurities and promote a sense of rejuvenation and vitality.

Unlock the magic of body detoxification with our Quantum Ion Feet Detoxifier. Experience the gentle and relaxing sensation as toxins are drawn out of your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Discover the transformative effects of our Quantum Ion Feet Detoxifier. Embrace a natural approach to detoxification, rebalance your energy, and enhance your overall health and wellness.

Experience the future of body cleansing with the Quantum Ion Feet Detoxifier. Order yours today and embark on a journey of detoxification, restoration, and renewed vitality.

The human body is like a giant magnet that attracts and holds onto toxins. Heavy metals, partially oxidized fats, dissimilated proteins, cholesterol deposits, uric acid, plaque, lactic acid and the vast array of chemicals that pervade our water, air and food attach themselves ionized form to joints, organs arteries, nerves and tissues. These toxins disrupt normal body functions creating an environment for disease, allergies, and immune system problems.

Ions are charged atoms that have gained or lost an electron, which causes them to set up a magnetic field capable of attracting and neutralizing oppositely charged particles and pulling them out of the body through a process called osmosis.

Osmosis is a scientific term used to describe the movement of particles through a cellular membrane from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. The lower concentration in this case refers to the ion field set up by the system in the water. Often times it is possible to reduce pain, swelling, edema and other symptoms caused by a long-term lifestyle and a chronic toxic build up in the body. 

Our moderm lifestyle brings us the prosperous material and ideological life, meanwhile however, it also makes us suffer from dangerous toxins, heavy metals, trouble and disease.


It is an external detoxification method, which removes toxins through your feet. The body detoxifies while you are comfortably seated with your feet placed in a container of warm water. This is a very efficient way to remove toxic accumulations regardless of where they are located in the body.

The ion cleanse process generates a stream of positive and negative ions (charged atoms), which attract and attach themselves to oppositely charged toxic particles and draws them out of the body through the skin. Each session takes about 30 minutes.

The array goes into the water with the hands, feet, or body, and the power supply delivers a small amount of direct current into the array, which causes the metals within it, in combination with the water, and salt, to generate positively and negatively charged ions. Ion cleanse provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins and heavy metals.

The human body is constituted by the cells. And the cell is made up of cell membranes, cytoplasm and nucleolus. The cell membrane is the important channel for the substance exchange inside and outside the cell. It keeps the stability of inside and outside environment when the membranes electricity potential is from -70—90MV, the cell can work well in the exchange and remove the toxin. With the decay of the body function, there is a lot of toxin accumulated. The cell damage, membranes electricity potential change, the permeability of membranes declining and the detoxification ability declining, all these make so the toxin cannot be removed from the cell. The toxin accumulation lowers the immune and makes premature senility and sub-health. This Quantum Ion Foot Detoxifier can generate the negative electricity potential field. Thanks to the conductive ability of the human body, the body can have the same equipotential field as the ion water after the feet are put in the ion water with negative ions. It can enhance the transportation function of the sodium-potassium pump, keep the right membrane electricity potential, recover the energy, and enhance the detoxification.


Under the role of the negative electricity potential field, the toxin in the cells is removed into the water through thousands of pores and the water color will change because the toxin reacts with all kinds of ions in the water –“visible detoxification”. Its effect can be tested and compared by blood test, urine test etc other regular tests before and after.




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