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Tincture Magic Mood Uplift

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Tincture Magic Mood Uplift

Introducing Magic Mood Uplift Tincture: Elevate Your Emotional Well-being.

Experience the transformative power of our Magic Mood Uplift Tincture. Crafted with care and precision, this exceptional blend of botanical extracts is designed to naturally boost your mood, promote emotional balance, and enhance your overall well-being.

Unlock the magic of herbal remedies as this uplifting tincture combines the finest ingredients known for their mood-enhancing properties. From calming chamomile and uplifting lemon balm to stress-relieving ashwagandha and mood-stabilizing passionflower, each drop is infused with nature's healing touch.

Whether you're seeking relief from occasional blues, daily stress, or a desire to elevate your emotional state, our Magic Mood Uplift Tincture is your natural solution. Let its soothing effects and gentle support guide you towards a more positive and harmonious state of mind.

Elevate your emotional well-being and embrace the magic within. With our Magic Mood Uplift Tincture, you can find balance, serenity, and renewed vitality. Experience the power of nature's remedies and rediscover your joy and inner calm.

Unlock a brighter, more vibrant you with the Magic Mood Uplift Tincture. Elevate your mood, embrace emotional balance, and welcome a new level of well-being. Order your tincture today and embark on a transformative journey towards a more positive and fulfilling life.


Mucuna puriens (serotonin and feel good herb, traditional mood booster)
Holy Basil (nervous system restorative, adaptogen, stress, anxiety linked to stomach)
Muira puama (stress due to overwork, adaptogen)
Smilax (adrenals, regulate ANS CNS)
Oregano (mood enhancer, immune tonic (safety)
Licorice (adrenals, sweetness, kidneys, adaptogen)

Sometimes we just need a little perk up, we get asked about herbs to increase vigor and uplift the mood all the time, so we thought we would put together a generic mix that is a generic go to.

These herbs have traditionally been used to aid serotonin, regulate the fight or flight response to a rest and digest state (parasympathetic) and increase the restoration of the adrenals.

Traditional plant medicine literature puts these 5 herbs in the category of anti tension, anti anxiety, mood enhancers, designed to bring in the sunshine.

Herbs can provide a uplifting feeling and maintain healthy stress response and invoke feelings of calm and clarity.




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